Smart Pico Projector

Light and slim, battery powered, a bigger screen is always on your hands.

Familar UI with android system,
let you install your own APPs.

Dual-Optic System

The world's first dual-optic system, brings you "Autofocus" and "Virtual Touch" experience.

Virtual Touch Remote Controller

Have you experienced the difficulty to type something
if you just use a simple remote controller?
Or how can you play android games and interact with the screen?

We care and we develop the world's first patented Virtual Touch Remote Controller,
it simply solves your problem and enhances your interactions with the projector screen.
It helps you interacting with the screen just like swiping your fingers on your smartphone!

AutoFocus - Intelligent

Still manually adjust the focus? Our patented technology made focusing is so easy
and automatic! A clear picture is always what you want in seconds!

Wireless, Fun Sharing!

Many people wanna see, but too small screen to share!
With Wi-Fi connected, you can share your smartphone
or tablet content with your family
or friends in a much Bigger screen!

Amazing 3D at Home

Anything projected on screen can be converted to 3D just by a single click! No matter you are
seeing movies or playing games you can easily convert them into 3D with stunning effects! *
(*Required a DLP link 3D glasses, sold separately. )

Brilliant Design

Not just the unit itself, we have designed a special stand*
for the unit which makes projection easy.
(*Stand is sold separately. )